1.          What kind of camera gear do you use? 
I use full-frame Nikon camera (D750), fixed lenses and tripod. Usually, I shoot with natural light, but sometimes I use studio light. 

2. How much does it cost?
The price depends a lot on the project and how much time does it take. If you have a specific plan, then let me know. I can send you my usual media kit.

3.          Do you provide video services? 
No, sorry. I don’t provide video services. Maybe in the future. Right now I do only some simple videos in some cases. 

4.          Do you edit all of your images?
Yes, I edit all of my images by myself. Everything has been hand edited one at the time. 

5.          Where do you live? 
I’m based in Estonia. However, I can work online and send you the images you need. If you need any product images, then you can send me the products, and I can do the product photo shoot for you.
I do product photo shoots for many healthy food and kitchen supplement companies that are based in the US, UK, Australia or Germany. As long as you can send me your product or I can order it online the location is not a problem. 
I do recipe photographies for many healthy food companies and websites that are based in the US, UK or Australia. As long as you can send me your recipe the location is not a problem. I will do the cooking, styling, and photography for you. 

6.          Can some of your photos be delivered in black & white and color? 
Yes, of course. Just let me know if you are interested in black & white.
7.          Are your digital files that I order watermarked? 
No, they are not. If you buy the images or my service, then I will not watermark them.
8.          Do we keep the negatives? 
I provide you with high-resolution digital files. 

9.          Do we get the copyright? 
You will have the copyright release, which means you can use the images for yourself. You can’t start selling the images, but you can share and use them for your own use as much as you like. I still retain the copyright (it just means I am just the creator of images) and I use them only for my own photography promotion (portfolio), competition or photography reviews. I'm not going to sell the same images again. 
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