Nice to e-meet you!

Hi! I’m Laura from Estonia. I love capturing the moments in the kitchen in a clean and elegant way with a little twist from real life (such as rumpled linen and a little bit of mess).
I LOVE cooking and baking with healthy ingredients that inspire me all the time to develop new recipes that I publish www.healthylaura.com. The kitchen is my secret place where I can hide and be creative. When I’m not sleeping, I’m daydreaming about recipes and photography. Thinking about different taste combinations or food photography & styling keeps me awake. I’m just obsessed. 
​​​​​​​Even though I’m based in Estonia I have done product photo shoots for many healthy food and kitchen supplement companies that are based in the US, UK, Australia or Germany. Quite often I find myself doing recipe development and recipe photography for many healthy food companies and websites around the world. 
I like to think that I'm at the beginning of my food photography journey. However, before I noticed my photography and recipes have been featured in a range of publications all over the world such as Thrive MagazineSide Chef, and Greatist. For my surprise, I even managed to be listed as one of the top food photography blogs 

Hope you have an amazing day!


My recipe photography, recipe photographer, food photography, product photography, cook book photography, healthy food photography, inspiration & ideas. I’m a Estonian healthy food photographer & food stylist. Olen Eesti toidufotograaf ning tegelen toidu fotograafia, retseptide pildistamisega, tervislike tooted ja kokaraamatute fotodega
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